Current Projects

Welcome to our virtual manufacturing facility!

On this page you will find photos and brief descriptions of projects in process at our facility. Because we create so many different kinds of things, and we do them so quickly, it will be a real challenge for us to keep this page up-to-date.

At any one time, throughout our many manufacturing divisions, you may witness activity from the plain and simple to very custom and complex. Here is a sampling of what may be happening right this very minute.

For a description of our facility, the various manufacturing divisions and how we do what we do, refer to our "Services and Facilities" page. Send your comments to us about what you see here through our "Contact Us" page.

Marriott's Rancho Las Palmas
Rancho Mirage, California

Here we see balcony railings being assembled in our Metal Division. The addition of these railings, a few thousand feet of them, will dramatically change the character of this older property. They will be finished with a gloss black powdercoated enamel finish.

Sweet Tomatoes Restaurants
Various Locations

This is the midway stage in the assembly process of a salad Bar. Fifty-five feet in length, it is a combination of dry storage compartments and refrigerated sections. The "trough" down the center of each leg will cradle a unique and patented chiller system by Kairak Innovations that will cool the salad toppings to an appealing as well as health department approved temperature. See a completed salad bar on our "Completed Projects" page.

Theme Park
Southern California

These guys are always challenging us! Here we see a shade structure in progress, nearing completion. Radial corrugated sheeting, the "hard way", a unique infrastructure lies within the off-center shape complete with pre-wired lights.

The shade structure covers this modified natural gas tank that will ultimately dispense soft drinks. The ports, ribs, flanges, legs and fittings were all added by PWI as was the roll-top door and fully insulated stainless steel inner ice pan for the soft drinks. Large pipes connect this tank to several others creating an even greater illusion for our client.

Islands Restaurants
Various Locations

Don't know where to find a "palapas" for that truly tropical feel? PWI can create it for you. These dot the interiors of Islands Restaurants, providing indoors shade and an island ambiance.

Mimis Cafes
Various Locations

This back counter serves as a dessert and beverage station. Dry storage, a three-door refrigerated section, even a custom manufactured freezer section. All under our control, manufactured in concert with our customers' unique needs.

Grand Lux Cafe - The Venetian
Las Vegas, Nevada

Booths with a twist, a curl, and a swoop! Here you see the framework and the intricate fashion in which the unique wave shape was accomplished. Foam next, then upholstery. What you don't see yet is the six thousand 3/4" square glass mosaic tiles hand applied to the curved outside backs! The base will be set nicely into a curved stainless steel channel to complete the booths.

The Cheesecake Factory
Columbus, Ohio

Always a challenge. Cheesecake designers like unusual shapes, curves and compound details. Here a booth island assembly begins to take shape. Uplit glass panels will nest in tailored slots at the center wall. The service station will receive a polished granite top with radial splashes. This is one of a half of dozen similar islands that will fill this restaurant.

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